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          > What We Do > High-End Industry Profile

          High-end Radiators

          Automatic air-conditioning for electric appliances

          Efficient and Energy-saving:efficient radiation, light weight, long lifespan, low cost
          Application:photovoltaic inverter, mobile communication base station, household appliances

          Traditional radiators are small-sized, less effective in heat radiation, highly energy-consuming, heavy and polluting with many welding lines and bad appearance. We are dedicated to producing more efficient, durable and light weight radiators for mechanical and electrical products to enhance energy efficiency and energy-saving and environmental-friendly performances.

          High-end Housings for Consumer Electronic Products

          Lighter and better than their counterparts

          Metallization of Housings: attractive appearance, durable, environmental-friendly with good heat radiating performance
          Application: Housings of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

          Traditional housings are made from low-end materials and are less protective to inner components with bad heat radiating effect, limited design and poor hand feel. The metal housings are exquisite, colorful, shining and durable with innovative appearances, becoming a dominant trend among electronic products.
          Focusing on aluminum alloy housings for high-end electronic products, we are devoted to developing high-end, lightweight and thin electronic and electrical products.

          Advanced Transportation Material

          New speed created with light metal

          Lightweight and Efficient Transportation Tools: light weight, high intensity, excellent processing performance, good energy-saving and environmental-friendly performance
          Application: metro, new energy vehicle body frame, power battery PACK

          Traditional transportation material is highly energy-consuming and heavy with low loading capacity and poor safety performance. We comprehensively promote the application of aluminum alloy in the transportation filed through systematic design, use of new material and intelligent manufacturing technology to advance the transportation equipment industry toward a lightweight era.
          Our material has served Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and Line 4 of the Changsha Metro as well as Line 3, Line 7, Line 9 and Line 14 of the Guangzhou Metro, etc.
          Our project-oriented management team develops structural profiles for aluminum van trailers and tankers. The related products sell well both at home and abroad.