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          > Who We Are > Sustainable Development
          Energy saving and Consumption Reduction
          • We broke the bottleneck of the packaging industry, introducing the short-running processing technology of substituting hot rolling with cast rolling. Compared with hot rolling, electricity consumption per ton of aluminum foil was reduced by about 800kWh.
          • In the field of transportation, we replaced steel and plastic with aluminum in the development of all-aluminum vehicles. Reduced weight, fuel consumption and emissions and maximized efficiency are set to accelerate the green transformation of logistics industry in China.
          • We developed new type aluminum formwork for construction. “The replacement of wood with aluminum” has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry by reducing deforestation, eliminating construction waste, and improving project quality.
          • We promoted the use of aluminum industry profiles in various industries, and developed new, high-efficiency precision radiators, consumer electronic product housings, and transportation materials to promote the upgrading of industrial materials.
          Material recycling

          Data source: European Aluminum Association Annual Report 2017 Recycled aluminum serves new purposes while the quality remains uncompromised.

          The first featured provincial-level industrial park—Hunan Aluminum-Recycling Industrial Park—has been built. A complete recycling & processing industrial chain including recycling, disassembly, casting, manufacturing, R&D and trading is emerging to achieve the sustainable development of the aluminum industry.

          Recovery rate of aluminum Energy consumption
          (regeneration VS primary processing)
          95% 5%
          Emission reduction
          (regeneration VS primary processing)
          Annual emission reduction
          of recycled aluminum worldwide
          97% 100 million tons